In Person

To see appropriate fitness gains, it’s important to build training load each week, then cut back training hours on recovery weeks to allow rest and fitness adaptation. 3-5 key swim-bike-run sessions are indicated weekly to train specific muscular endurance, strength, speed or proper form. If time is short on any given day, simply cut the main set in half or reduce by the % that works best. 20-minutes can accomplish the necessary fitness & is better than skipping altogether.

PERFORMANCE EVALUATION $100 – Annual set-up fee for custom training, includes SWIM-BIKE-RUN skills evaluation on fitness and form OR 30-minute performance evaluation on fitness and form with video analysis in each sport: SWIM-BIKE-RUN

ONE-ON-ONE 30MIN SESSION PKGS: $30 =1 session; $89 =3 sessions; $125 =5 sessions; $155 =7 sessions; $200 =10 sessions

ONE-ON-ONE 60MIN SESSION PKGS: $45 =1 session; $130 =3 sessions; $200 =5 sessions; $275 =7 sessions; $375 =10 sessions

One on one sessions include sport specific instruction in correct bio-mechanics/technique with video analysis and ‘homework’ between sessions.

ONLINE (may be combined with IN PERSON)

SPORT SPECIFIC OR RACE SPECIFIC PROGRAMS DELIVERED ONLINE: Includes unlimited email, text, phone follow up.

____ PRE-PROGRAMMED ATP (Annual Training Plan) $35.  Typically for the self-coached multisport athlete, this annual training outline delivers your weekly training hours overview—SWIM, BIKE, RUN, STRENGTH, for the current triathlon season (8-12 months) based on available training hours, chosen races, & race goals.  This ATP outline is for beginner, intermediate, or advanced athletes who want to get a snapshot of the season’s training/recovery base, build, peak phases, and total training hours required.  Answer a short questionnaire and receive your ATP annual outline via email or hard copy.

____TeamWorks PLATINUM $250/moincludes 1 in person or video coached training sessions per week

____TeamWorks GOLD $200/mo includes 2 in-person or video coached training session per month

____TeamWorks SILVER $150/mo includes 1 in-person or video coached training session per month

____TeamWorks BRONZE $100/mo ONLINE ONLY

____Optional Training Partner ADD-ON (1/2 mo. fee of full price athlete). Follow same Training Peaks plan as partner

SMALL TEAM TRAINING: 2 – 5 Athletes training together for the same race or sport who will follow the same training plan (delivered via Training Peaks) –  $75 per person meets 1x per month; $100 per person meets 1x per week.


$59 6-WEEKS; $99 12-WEEKS

*Note 12 weeks divided into 3 blocks of 4, progressing for 3 weeks followed by a shorter recovery week. Recovery week is also a test week.